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Fully Funded Schools

  • Push wealthy corporations to pay their fair share through PILOTs

  • Engage with state legislators to secure improved funding for our schools

  • Review district spending and identify inefficiencies

  • Enact a charter school moratorium and study the impact of charter schools in Saint Paul


Meet Student Needs

  • Reduce class sizes so students can receive the attention they need

  • Hire additional mental health counselors

  • Promote Full Service Community Schools programs

  • Make Critical Ethnic Studies a requirement for our students

  • Intentionally work to better-integrate our schools

  • Support programs that recruit teachers of color to SPPS

  • Promote affinity groups

Classroom Lecture

Increase Enrollment

  • Collaborate with educators to create a questionnaire for exiting families

  • Reach out to our growing immigrant communities with liaisons that are part of these communities

  • Actively recruit families back to SPPS

Inclusive Community

Outside the School
  • Refuse any sort of collaboration between Saint Paul Public Schools and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

  • Comprehensive and accurate sex education that focuses on consent and is LGBTQ+ inclusive

Sustainable Solutions

Pride Parade
  • Consider the Environmental Impact in all of our decision-making

  • Install solar panels on SPPS-owned buildings

  • Seek out opportunities to utilize green energy school buses

School Bus
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